Jhod Kavken

A travelling hunter and priest of Erastil.


Weathered and frayed clothing, long moustache, and a balding head portrays Jhod as a down on his luck traveller barely living hand to mouth. In truth, Jhod is much more than just, he just prefers to live as simply as possible. Standing just over five and a half feet tall and slender, Jhod’s stooped posture would indicate someone who travels with a great burden on their shoulders.


Jhod’s been travelling around southern Rostland, Brevoy and the Greenbelt to provide his services. Preferring to visit villages and homesteaders over larger settlements, Jhod will hunt or cast spells for payment within the means of the faithful. Hearing of the Restov’s charter, he came to the trading post to offer what help he can.

Jhod Kavken

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