Oleg Leveton

A middle-aged man of stern demeanor.


Oleg is a non-nonsense type of person who has no patience or interest for politics or intrigue. His approach with people and the tasks at hand are the same, direct and without subtlety. Beneath the gruff exterior, Oleg is a good person at heart. People who treat him and Svetlana with respect receive the same in kind, and will do his best to help those who need it.

Oleg is a stocky man, with strong features and average height. His red hair is kept somewhat short, if a little ungroomed, and is shaven except for a muttonchop beard. Constant work and maintenance on the trading post keeps him fit and healthy.


Growing tired of the political maneuvering and constant machinations of urban life in Restov, Oleg accepted a charter to rebuild an abandoned fort as a trading post. All he wanted was a place for him an Svetlana to live away from the sins of civilization, but close enough to still enjoy all of its benefits.

Oleg Leveton

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