Player Characters

Character Creation
Character creation and advancement rules found on the Pathfinder PFSRD website is allowed, will the following rules:
  • All information posted as “core” rules is allowed.
  • Any information posted that can be found in a Pathfinder publication is allowed.
  • Any information listed as published / posted by a “3rd Party” is subject to approval by the DM.

The basic outline for character creation can be found here, modified by the following house rules:

1. Character Sheet
For simplicity and ease of finding and referencing information, everyone is encouraged to use the same style of character sheet. It is preferred to use the Pathfinder Society character sheet. Also, players are encouraged to keep their character information on this website up to date. The DM has extra copies on hand if you need them.

2. Attribute Scores
Players may generate attribute scores for their characters using one of the following methods:
  • Roll 4d6 and discarding the lowest die result. Generate a total of six scores and assign them to each of the attributes.
  • Use the Point Buy System, with a point pool of 20.

3. Races
Any race may be allowed, as indicated above.

4. Classes
Any class may be allowed, as indicated above.

5. Skill Ranks
Allocate skill ranks as shown in the outline.

6. Feats and Traits
Choose feats as shown in the outline. Each character is also allowed two (2) traits. Trait information can be found here. Drawbacks are also allowed, but are not required. Choosing a drawback for your character allows a third trait for your character. Drawback information can be found here. Players are encouraged to choose a Kingmaker campaign-specific trait. For more information on these campaign-specific traits, see the Kingmaker Player’s Guide.

7. Starting Hit Points
All characters start with maximum hit points.

8. Getting Equipped
All characters begin the game with maximum starting gold, as indicated by their class.

9. Determine Saving Throws, Initiative and attack values
There are no changes or modification to this step.

10. Description and Personality
There are no changes or modification to this step.

11. The Fine Details
Where applicable, choose spells, animal companions, etc. that you need for your character. Ask the DM for help / guidance if required.

Action Points
We use the Action Point system in this campaign. A character may use an action point in one of the following ways:
  • Whenever the player needs to make a roll with a d20, they may spend 1 action point to add the result of 1d6 to their d20 result. This choice is made after the d20 roll is made but before the player is told the results of the roll.
  • The player may spend 1 action point to increase the DC of a spell they cast. This point must be spent at the time the spell is cast, but before saving throws are rolled.
  • The player may spend 1 action point to automatically stabilize when brought to negative hit points. This is an immediate action where the character’s hit point total changes to 0, and they are unconscious. This option for action points is not available if the damage suffered by the character would bring them to a negative total equal to their Constitution score or more.

Each character begins the game with a number of action points equal to his Charisma modifier, with a minimum of 1 point. Once these points are spent, they are gone forever. When a character levels up, his point pool is replenished to maximum equal to his Charisma modifier. A character’s action point total may never exceed their Charisma modifier.

Player Characters

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