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    h3. *Greetings to you, brave heroes and noble monarchs...*

    Here you will find all of the lore you've acquired, compiled since your earliest adventures by the scribes and learned scholars who serve under your rule. Let it be known this …

  • Player Characters

    h3. *Character Creation* Character creation and advancement rules found on the Pathfinder "PFSRD website":http://www.d20pfsrd.com/ is allowed, will the following rules:

    • All information posted as "core" rules is allowed.
    • Any …

  • Oleg's Trading Post

    _"This lonely bastion of civilization seems almost out-of-place with the wilderness around it. It's rough palisade and decrepit catapults atop the sentry towers indicates it's weathered many seasons."_ [[File:378728 | class=media-item-align-center | …

  • Bestiary

    Wiki Path: [[Main Page | [[File:377304 | wiki2.png]]]]
    [[File:377286 | 128x128px | bandits.jpg]] BANDITS

    The Stolen Lands …

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