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bandits.jpg BANDITS

The Stolen Lands are rife with bandits of all races and creeds, preying upon travellers, merchants and each other.

kobolds.jpg KOBOLDS

Kobolds have been a constant resident of the Stolen Lands for as long as anyone can remember, but have never been a real threat. Wily and tenacious, they survive despite the rigors of living in the frontier.

mite.jpg MITES

These diminutive fey are rarely seen, but it’s not uncommon for them to cause trouble to the few inhabitants of the Stolen Lands. Their malicious sense of humor sometimes leads to injury and death.

tatzlwyrm.jpg TATZLWYRMS

Tatzlwyrms are one of the more dangerous predators of the Stolen Lands, dangerous enough to keep most other predators from hunting them. They are one of the real hazards of locals and adventurers alike.


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